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Vegan In the Valley

Eating out can be difficult for someone who is vegan so I'm here to find the best spots in the Valley that offer the best vegan dishes. I ate a vegetarian diet for about 6 years during high school and after, but for health reasons I started eating meat again. So for this post, I brought my sister, Amy, along to help because she's vegan! For this post we went to two spots in Scottsdale, we ate so much food, but we had so much fun!

Flower Child

This was our first stop and everything about it was perfect! The menu, the atmosphere, the decor, we can't wait to go back. One of the best parts about the menu was that it indicated what was vegan, which made it so easy to decide what to eat. The menu of course also mentioned if the dish was vegetarian or gluten-free.

Here we got the simple hummus, the vegan ramen and some wine. I was surprised at how many flavors I could taste in the ramen, and the hummus! Both were so delicious and did I mention, vegan?! Check out our photos from Flower Child below.

Kale & Clover

Our second stop was so adorable! Their menu was also marked so you could easily choose what you wanted. Because we were still full, we ordered some cauliflower wings and a smoothie for dessert. Also, I am obsessed with their decor, so simple and modern I had to take a photo!

The cauliflower wings were so good, you couldn't even tell they were a vegetable! For the smoothie, we got the tropical greens and it was the best green smoothie I have ever tasted. We'll be back to Kale & Clover for sure.

If you made it here, thank you for reading this entire post! Stay tuned for our next vegan find in the valley!



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