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About me

Hi! I'm Anna Elizabeth, a serious foodie & fashionista.

I am a twenty-something year old, who grew up in one of the smallest towns in Vermont, and now lives in the biggest city in Arizona with a passion for style, design, good food and beauty.  I want to inspire others with this passion by sharing it with the world! I created this blog to spread my knowledge of food, style, DIY projects, design, and so much more.  I also get some of my best ideas from you, so please leave me a message! 

Stay tuned if you share my passion for clothes, beauty, interior design, food, skin care, coffee, travel, DIY, organization and much more!


Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth is part of several affiliate advertising programs.  It will always be noted if a post is sponsored.  If you click and/or make a purchase via links on this website, I may make a commission from it.  All images and posts are property of Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth unless otherwise noted.  Of course, all opinions are my own. 

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