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Our Art Of Ice Cream Experience!

For Valentine's Day, Kyle and I got tickets to the Art of Ice Cream Experience in Scottsdale! I discovered the experience on Instagram, and when I saw on the website you got a treat in each room, I HAD to go. There were a bunch of ice cream themed rooms, each with a delicious treat and a fun photo op! When we first walked in the door, we were greeted with a delicious frozen bon-bon, and it just got sweeter from there.

Popsicle room!

In the first room we got a popsicle and jumped in a ball pit! This room is one of my favorites, it made me feel like a kid again. I also love how pink it is, I couldn't help but take a million pictures.

Banana Split Room

Milkshake room!

Now this room is my absolute favorite! I'm obsessed with the milkshake wall and could not get enough of the giant pink chair. I could have gone back to this room a hundred times I loved it so much.

Basketball & Bowling

A Scoop & A Selfie!

In the last room of the experience, you could choose a scoop of ice cream, our choices were chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry sorbet. You also had the opportunity to take a selfie to post on the ice cream wall or purchase a t-shirt.

The Art of Ice Cream Experience was exactly that, an experience! We had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed ourselves. The treats and photo ops around every corner made for the perfect date! If you are ever in the Scottsdale area, you should definitely check it out.

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