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The Lunchbox Series: The Pinwheel Box

If you work in an office and get an hour lunch every day like me, then you know how expensive it can be to go out to get something EVERY SINGLE DAY. Well, with a little help from Pinterest and my own taste buds, I came up with some awesome lunch box ideas that will have you looking forward to lunch, and saving money! If you have a lunch that you're looking forward to, then you wont skip it to go out to eat or "accidentally" forget it at home, so I created this series, that way no one would ever have those problems again!

I also promise that I will share lunch ideas that are suitable for all types of diets. Of course, if there is something that you like but goes against your diet restrictions, feel free to substitute anything for something that you will eat.

I got all of the containers I use at WalMart and I will link those below. I wash and reuse them as much as I can to one, save money, and two, to not create too much waste.

The Pinwheel Box

This box is the perfect lunch, it’s just enough so you won’t be tired when you go back to the office, but is also just enough to satisfy. You can choose whatever you want to make your wrap with, then throw in some veggies for a snack and fruits for a dessert! It’s good for you and delicious!

What You Need:

(Feel free to add or substitute anything according to your likes and diet)


Baby Carrots


Wraps (I used spinach)

Baby Spinach

Lunch Meat


Mustard Packets


~ Make the wraps with everything but the mustard and just put the packets with your box. This will help the wrap stay fresh while it's in your fridge.

~ Get the largest size of the wraps, it makes it much easier to work with.

~I used two slices of meat, one slice of cheese and about 1/2 a cup of baby spinach for each wrap.

If you made it here, thank you for reading my entire post! What are your favorite things to eat for lunch? I would love to know, so send me a message under the contact tab and don’t forget to subscribe.



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