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Staying Motivated On Off Days

Some days it seems almost impossible to get motivated! Over the years I've come up with a few tricks for myself on how to stay motivated and be productive when I'm in a rut or if it's my day off. Most of these have to do with your surroundings, your mindset, and how you keep everything organized. You would be surprised at how much being organized keeps you motivated! It's important to remember to find what works best for you and to stay consistent.

Wake up early

Make a habit of waking up earlier, it's proven that people who wake up early are more productive throughout the day. Plus you will have more time to accomplish more of the things you need to. If you start your day off early, it will be productive, and it’s likely to stay productive. Try waking up earlier each day, so if you normally wake up at 9, start waking up at 8:30, then 8.

Get Ready For the Day

Get up and get ready for the day as you normally would, as if you were going to work or school, etc. If you make a routine for yourself, and get ready EVERY day, you will almost force yourself to be motivated. If you stay in your PJs all day, you’re setting yourself up to be able to lounge around. Planning your outfits for the week helps with this!

Stay Organized

If you're organized, you won't spend extra time looking around for things and getting discouraged when you can't find anything. Make sure everything in your home has a "place", and if it doesn't then you probably don't need it. Also, having a clean and organized space, helps have a clear mind, this can help you enjoy more, which keeps you motivated!

Plan Ahead

Plan out your outfits for the week, plan our your days, even plan out your meals if you can. The more prepared you are the less time you will spend during the week worrying about everything and you can get more done or have time for yourself.

Have Something to Look Forward to

You want something that you are going to look forward to every day! It could be anything, writing poems, collecting something, or if you’re me, gardening! It’s so exciting for me to check on my plants, and feed and water them. I look forward to it every day, and having a constant like that keeps me motivated! I have three balconies with plants, so it's a hobby that keeps me busy, and my newest project is my bougainvillea, which will hopefully cover this balcony eventually.

If you made it here, thank you for reading my entire post! I'd love to know what keeps you motivated, send me a message via the contact tab and don't forget to subscribe!



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