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Packing Made Easy: The Essentials

Packing is one of those things that EVERYONE puts off until the last minute. There are so many reasons why, my biggest reason is because I feel so unorganized when everything is packed up! So I had to come up with ways to keep my suitcase and myself organized. I will share a series of blog posts on how I do this, today, I’ll start with accessories and toiletries, the essentials.

The List...

There’s always that one item that we wish we had remembered to pack, but forget, so I always MAKE A LIST! Write down everything you can possibly think of that you like to have when you travel and save that list so you can refer back to it and add to it as you think of things. For right now, just write down the toiletries and accessories you like to bring. I keep mine as a document on my computer so I can easily add and remove things each time I travel, keep this in mind as you will want yours available for my upcoming blog posts! {I am working on making a printable list for you all}

Having a list ensures that you won’t forget anything and also reminds you of those items that you have a tendency to leave behind. Some things I always forget, but wish I had are:

Nail clippers/file


Eye drops

Keeping it all organized...

To me, throwing everything in a little bag doesn’t make it easier to find. I found these small storage containers that are perfect for all your small items! They have dividers and different size containers so you can easily access everything. The ones that I have are even double sided (see picture). I like using these for my hair items, smaller makeup pieces, and jewelry. I can NEVER find my bobby pins when I’m travelling, but with these storage containers, I can quickly find my bobby pins and whatever else I need! There are lots of sizes, so choose what best fits your needs, and you can find these almost anywhere, Target, Joann Fabrics, Walmart, etc.

Don’t throw out your samples!

Every time I order online from Ulta, I get samples in my box. Anywhere from lotion, to mascara, and I save these for when I’m travelling, especially the shampoo and conditioner (picture below) they are perfect! It’s a pain to try to make all your full size products fit in your suitcase, and it’s always more than you need. Keep the hair products you get at hotels, use the samples you collect along the way, and if you HAVE to buy something, buy travel size. It’s such a pain to travel with full size products, so remember, less is more.

If you made it here, thank you for reading my entire post! The next post in this series will be How to Pack the Perfect Carry On. If you enjoyed it, or have any questions or comments leave a message below or contact me above. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date!



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