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Do Drugstore Face Masks Work?

I LOVE face masks! And I'm always looking for something new to try whether it's at Ulta, Sephora or the drugstore. I always have better luck finding masks at Target, so I decided to put some of the cheapest masks to the test! Here I tested six different masks, and there are certainly hits and misses! There are also so many other drugstore masks out there that this will make for a great series.

Burt’s Bees Purifying Sheet Mask - $2.99 I only had to wear this mask for 2 minutes! It has a different smell, not bad, just different. I like this mask, but it's nothing to write home about. It's great that you only have to wear it for two minutes, but it makes you wonder how well it can actually work in such a short time. I would have to try this mask a few more times to see a noticeable difference and to decide if I like it.

St. Ives Glowing Sheet Mask: Apricot - $2.49

This mask was a little messy, but I love that it’s only a ten minute mask! I have such a busy schedule, so a quick mask is just what I need. My skin was a little sticky feeling afterwards but I certainly noticed a glow. However, of all the masks I tried in this post, this is my least favorite, I just couldn't stand the stickiness.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrogel Mask: Hydrating & Purifying - $2.55 Hydrating: I love how easy this was to smooth onto my face and it had a cooling feeling, which is one of my favorite things about a mask! I wore it for about 22 minutes and it kept my skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.

Purifying: This one also had a cooling feeling! I really liked this mask because when it was on, it actually FELT like it was working. I'm going to repurchase both of these masks!

Clean and Clear Jelly Night Mask - $2.59

I loved this mask! It has a good smell, is easy to apply, isn't messy and you only have to wear it for 15 minutes. There is a slight cooling sensation while wearing the mask, but I've already mentioned how I feel about that. It's an eye mask, so the sheet only covered the top half of my face (from the tip of my nose, up), but it was SO relaxing! I will certainly be repurchasing this mask.

Rose gold foil mask - $2.99

This mask is super cool! Just so you know, you could get two uses out of one, so don’t peel lid off all of the way. I used a brush to put on for a more even application and once it was dried, I peeled it off. I can't say I noticed a difference in my skin, it was just a cool mark!

If you made it here, thank you for reading my entire post! I want to make more post about masks, so send me your favorites. I want to hear from you and keep you in the loop, so subscribe to stay connected.



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