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Breakfast, Brunch& Booze II

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, but I have never been much of an early-riser. So brunch has my name written all over it! There are so many places to go to in the valley so I decided to start a series of some of the best spots in the valley. Each of these places has something unique to offer and they all have drinks and dishes to die for! So, each month I will feature a couple of restaurants (and of course the outfits I wore)that you NEED to try if you live in Arizona or are just visiting.


I LOVE this place, I could go here for breakfast every day!! If you know me, you know I love pretzels, so when I saw they had a breakfast sandwich with a pretzel bun, I was hooked. They are also known for their delicious pancakes, so give their specials a try!

They also have the usual options for breakfast cocktails and they are all delicious, but the Brewmosa is an absolute must! Some people don’t like the bubbles in champagne, so they avoid mimosas, but this is the perfect option!

Broken Yolk

This spot has sooo many options to choose from, regardless of your diet! Whatever you are craving, they have it! From a vegan sorbet bowl to biscuits and gravy, the options are endless and delicious.

They also have a lot of yummy drink options and flavors. Can't decide which mimosa to order? Check out the flight, that way you can sample all their best flavors!

There are a lot of options on this menu, so before you visit, I recommend checking out the menu online first to get somewhat of an idea of what you may want.

If you made it all the way here, thank you for reading my entire post! What are your favorite dishes or spots to go for breakfast? Stay tuned for next month, so don't forget to subscribe!



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