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Baseball Game Outfits

Opening week for MLB happened this past week, so I felt it only fitting to make a post for my favorite ways to dress for a game! I spent a lot of days at spring training games this season and certainly made a list of my own must-haves! What are yours?

The season is over now, but if you live in Arizona, everyone looks forward to the Cactus League Spring Training season and watching the Diamondbacks in Phoenix. I love everything about it; tailgating, the food, the atmosphere, everything! It’s also just another excuse for a cute outfit and I’m gonna share with you some of my favorites, and what items are the best to have at the game!

There are three items that are always my must-haves:




I usually always have at least one of these items with me, especially the sneakers. There is usually a lot of walking to be done at a ballpark and the last thing you want is for your feet to hurt. Also, the Arizona sun is brutal, so unless the dome is closed, you have to protect yourself from the sun! I really like to do my makeup so I tend to go for the hat, but I always have a pair of sunnies on me.

My absolute favorite go-to outfit for a game is a t-shirt dress and sneakers. This combination looks adorable but is still comfy, casual! I have always been a dress kinda girl, so for me to be able to wear a dress and not look over dressed is ideal.

At the beginning of spring training, it’s still February, so it can be a little chilly, unless you don’t live here all year. When it’s breezy outside, I always grab a leather jacket, they go with everything, keep you warm and still look cute. I probably have five different color leather jackets, you can never have too many!

I absolutely love a ripped jeans and t-shirt combo! I love a good pair of boyfriend jeans, the fit is comfortable and perfect for sitting at the ball game. And of course, you can't forget the hat!

In my last outfit, it had obviously started to warm up in The Valley, so I had to go for a tank and bralette layered look. Free People bras and bralettes are an absolute must!! They layer so nicely and can be dressed up or down. And I HAD to get myself a Mustache Pretzel, yum!

If you made it here, thank you for reading my entire post! I'm sorry I didn't post at all during the month of March, I wanted to take a break to enjoy all the fun things I had planned! I have so much great content coming soon, so stayed tuned and don't forget to subscribe!


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